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Do It Yourself

The Gear You Need To Do It Yourself

Single Person Kayak
Two Person Kayak
Regular Stand Up Paddle Board
XL Stand Up Paddle Board
Lake Stand Up Paddleboard
Phat Cat Seats 2 People
4 Person Slice (4 person cataraft)
14ft Raft Additional Cost for Oar Frames
16ft Raft Additional Cost for Oar Frames
Single Person Canoe (10-12’)
Two Person Canoe (12-14’)
Three Person Canoe (14-16’)
Four Person Canoe (16’)
Misc. Retail

The Gear You Need to Adventure, Your Way.

Going on a trip? We’ve got what you need! This trip is recommended for traveling to other rivers or lakes in the area.

You’ll find expedition-worthy gear, such as sleeping pads, sleeping bags, camp stoves, fire pans, and backcountry toilets with our Teton rentals. 

We rent spotting scopes as well as boating supplies. If you are headed to one of the nearby National Parks, these are a fantastic addition for wildlife viewing!

All watercraft rentals include PFDs and paddles. You are responsible for picking them up and returning all supplies to the shop. If you are floating a river, remember that you will need to figure out your own shuttle. This usually requires two vehicles.

Boats can be rented inflated or deflated. Deflated boats will fit into almost any car or truck, just remember to rent a pump to inflate it. If you choose to pick up your boat inflated, please ensure you have adequate tie down straps or rope to secure it to your vehicle. We will not rent out an inflated boat unless it can be transported safely and securely. Straps are for sale at our shop should you require them.

Boat Choices